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Iraq War
In the spring of 2002 80% of Americans told George Bush to go to war with Iraq.
In the fall of 2007 80% of Americans say we shouldn’t have gone to war with Iraq.
That makes 60% of Americans a bunch of sniveling lying cowards.
George Bush simply did what we told him to do. No, he didn’t lie to us. That’s a copout.
Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction. (WMD)
A president in office for less than a year doesn’t have the kind of resources to get the entire CIA and Pentagon to fabricate a story like that. Nor could he get all the other intelligence agencies of the world to come to that conclusion.
Even the former president's wife, US Senator Hillary Clinton, said she had firsthand knowledge from her husband that in the 1990's, he had WMD.
At a time when we were hunting down Osama Bin Ladin and other radical Muslim terrorists, Saddam refused to let weapons inspectors in. He would only relent when we had 400,000 troops on his border at a cost to us of $5 billion/day. We could not maintain that indefinitely while people in blue helmets roamed the countryside asking if anybody saw weapons of mass destruction. He had 17 resolutions against him for using WMD on his own people and for invading neighboring Kuwait. He was writing $25000 checks to every family of a suicide bomber in Palestine.
NO, Iraq was not a sovereign nation. It was under UN Mandate after a cease fire in 1991 and had 17 UN resolutions passed to turn over WMD.
It refused. We invaded.
The same kind of resolution was passed against Mikhail Milochivic’s Yugoslavian regime in 1996 and we invaded. The only apparent difference here was:
a) Milochivic never invaded his neighbor.
b) there was a lot less loss of life on our part.
The only conclusion I can make about the American People’s reaction is that they have no principle.
Rather, an action is justified if no Americans die, but if Americans die, then it wasn’t worthwhile.
No wonder we're called the “Paper Tiger”. Nothing in principle changed in 5 years but we went from displaying American flags everywhere to BUSH in a circle with a red slash.
Shame on you weak Americans. I thank God we had a president who had enough resolve to stick to principle and not to the wishy washy crying of weak hearted and selfish citizens.
So I hope, that those 4000 Americans did not die in vain. Sent there by unwilling and cowardly citizens to serve their interest until the going got tough.
If we end up withdrawing all our troops rapidly, and Iraq falls back to the minority warlords of the area, who will seize the oil of the entire Gulf Region, then we don’t deserve any of the prosperity we now enjoy because of the brave sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.
And in that case I will never support another military action outside our borders again and will most certainly watch our economy tumble and fall from $25/ gal gasoline and our standard of living retreat to that of a third world country. See, I told you so.

December 28, 2009
Bob Ogden

America suffered the largest attack on our soil in the nation's history on 09/11/2001. We retaliated under the leadership of GW Bush and have not been hit since....until now.
Here it is a year after America voted in Obama as President of the United States and moved the entire Chicago Mob to Washington D.C.
Since Obama took office in January 2009 he did the following:

1) He suspended the Patriot Act.
(For those left wing wackos reading this who forgot what you were protesting a year or two ago, the Patriot Act was a temporary measure allowing the Executive Branch to monitor phone calls and emails of suspected terrorists to and from foreign sources only without a specific court order.)

2) He released prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

3) Ordered Homeland Security and the TSA (Transportation and Security Board) to strictly prohibit any racial profiling at airport security centers.

4) Ordered all federal agencies to quit using the words "terror, terrorist, terrorist attack, war on terror".

After the Fort Hood attack on November 5, 2009, that killed 13 unarmed servicemen, we fretted and worried whether it was really an Al Qeada terrorist attack. The Department of Homeland Security and the government news agencies (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN) assured us that it was not. It took a week before these news agencies even reported the link between the killer and Al Qeada agents.  So we let it slowly fade away from our minds. Further investigation by others more diligent in their news reporting responsibilities started to paint a different picture. One of months of phone calls and emails of the perpetrator to Al Qeada operatives that was noticed but not acted upon by our government. 

So why is everyone surprised when a Nigerian Muslim man who was trained in Yemen by Al Qeada agents released from Guantanamo Bay attempted to blow up a jetliner on approach to Detroit International Airport on December 25?
This man was even on a FBI watch list, although no attempt was made by US Customs in Amsterdam to stop him, or even search him!
You can believe that if we were still operating under the Patriot Act we would have been monitoring the phone calls and emails of a "watched" terrorist. We would have been closely profiling young, middle east muslim men, and we would have stopped this man and labeled him a what he is, a terrorist.
Later news showed that even though he formerly lived in Great Britian and went to college there, he traveled through Amsterdam to get to the United States because Great Britian had him on a no fly list!

His attempt was foiled by a fellow passenger who jumped over people to put out the burning fuse on the bomb.

To top all this off, I watched the President today tell us "Everybody is doing all they can to keep us safe.", and
Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said.."I want America to rest assured, that the system is working."


If you still find it hard to believe there is a difference in the news medias, try switching back and forth between MSNBC, and Fox News. The contrast is striking. When Obama speaks from a podium, MSNBC zooms in and you see him talking and looking to the right, then the left and back again. On Fox, the camera zooms out and you see the edge of the teleprompters and it is obvious that he is reading from them, alternating right to left.
When the news is about someone who straps bombs to themselves and goes into a crowded marketplace and detonates it, all the news agencies call him a "suicide bomber". Yet his real intent was not to kill himself, but kill many others. So Fox News correctly labels him a "homicide bomber". Seems like a subtle difference, but a little here, a little there, and the story reads completely different.

January 02/2009

It seems Obama's Transportation and Security Board nominee, Errol Southers has a great idea on how to improve security after coming under fire for this National Security Breach. He wants to unionize all TSA workers. Yeah, that'll fix it!!

more to come!!!