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Healthcare CRISIS
A common theme of Liberals is to label every concern in the world a “CRISIS” so that it will scare the ignorant masses into action. Action that only they seemingly have the answer.
In Michael Moore's documentary “SICKO” he illustrates the plight of a self-employed carpenter in New Jersey who cuts off two fingers with a skill saw. The man saves both fingers and runs to the emergency room. There, Doctors give him emergency care and tell him they cannot reattach the fingers at the emergency room, but this will take a specialist surgeon. The surgeon, who doesn’t work for free, gives him a price of $10K for the less mangled finger reattachment and another $25K for the worst finger. He has one finger reattached and leaves the hospital with about a $12K bill and follow-up appointments. Michael Moore hears about this while filming in the area, and rushes the young man down to Cuba so Fidel Castro’s Socialist Doctors who charge nothing for their services can see him. Here everybody receives free medical care and doesn’t have to live with the added emotional pain after a trauma of having to pay a huge bill. What Michael Moore didn’t tell in his documentary was that in Cuba, if a man severs his fingers, he lives without fingers. The doctors only wanted to stare in amazement at the American reattached finger and could do nothing for the other severed finger. They don’t have the capability or technology. However, he did not receive a bill from the Cuba Government.
Lets discuss the health care situation in America by starting with one common understanding among us all.
America has the best health care available to its citizens than any other civilization on earth.
Barr none. Nobody even comes close.
Trying to prove this statement here is like trying to prove 2+2=4. Do your own research and you will come up with the same unmistakable answer. If there is a problem, it’s that good medical care is expensive and many people cannot afford it. They have a mortgage, a couple of car payments, credit card debt, etc, and paying to see a doctor is such an inconvenience. Currently with about 300 million Americans, about 85% have adequate medical insurance so they are doing ok, but they are concerned about the CRISIS the other 15% are having. This other 15% consists of roughly 45 million people and can be divided into three groups. 15 million self-employed people grossing over $50K/yr, (who choose not to buy insurance for their families); 15 million poor adults, and 15 million children. These children may come from both the self-employed and the poor adults. One lie the liberals will tell you is that 45 million Americans do not have healthcare. Not true. Healthcare is available to all, but they may be asked to pay for it or have the State pay for it. The reason healthcare is so expensive, like any other commodity, it is in short supply.
I’m talking about top quality American Health Care. Supply and demand dictates the price. For many of us living in the Southwest United States, we have the option of going down to Mexico for medical procedures at a fraction of the cost. Most of us choose not to. We need more doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical research firms, to continue supplying 300 million people with the best healthcare in the world.
To the Liberal, however, the fix is easy. The Government confiscates this whole medical infrastructure and redistributes it to all the people for free. This does absolutely nothing to create more and better healthcare, rather it does just the opposite. Under Hillary-Care, I fear we will all soon be waiting in line at dirty third world medical clinics waiting to be seen by disgruntled government physicians. It will resemble the DMV and have the effect of bringing us all down to the lowest common denominator.
There may be one positive side however. Under a true “universal” system we wont need Hollywood plastic surgeons, sports doctors, and even physical therapists may be determined to be non-essential medical personnel and their expertise could be refocused elsewhere. The whole Insurance Industry and a large portion of the Medical Establishment could be reassigned. They could be better utilized by working at children’s clinics in inner city ghettos and such places as a government agent sees fit.
My personal Doctor has his own family practice in a building he currently owns. I wonder if he has thought of the possibility he may be forced to give it up and go to a big city to treat sick children?
This is why I call Universal Health Care “unethical”. It is because healthcare is not a “Right” It should never be referred to as a Right.
Read the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, referred to as “The Bill of Rights”. You will notice that these Rights are things you are born with. They were granted by God, not by man. Our Constitution only guarantees the government will not get in your way in your pursuit of these things.
Free medical care requires something be taken from somebody in order for you to get yours. How can this be your Right? If we start regarding medical care as a Right, what follows? Food? Housing? Cars? These are equally as important to human survival. I fear the path we are heading down when we even consider the Right to Health Care.
Aside from the immorality, on the practical side, lets look carefully at other countries that have tried Universal Health Care. You don’t even have to look at the Communist/Marxist States to see the pitfalls. Even Modern Western Democracies have had serious, huge drawbacks compared to ours. The problems we witnessed at Walter Reed Medical Center were not the result of a capitalistic medical system, rather, that was a good example of what we will see in a government run health care system. I don’t want a long list here of differences. Do the research on your own. A couple of notes though; Great Britain and Canada do not perform heart transplants. When the head of Canada’s health care system was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, she came to America for treatment. If you want change, remember, even with all its faults, America has the best health care available to its citizens than any other civilization on earth, ever.