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Illegal Immigration


Illegal Immigration
It is a matter of Law.
I believe that in the perfect world we are trying to create for future generations, justice should be colorblind. Race should never be a factor when considering what is right or wrong for people. I am advocating ONE set of laws for all people.
It is frustrating when I have a debate with people who want to create separate laws for the different races and who claim that it is because they care about minorities.
This is what I call the “Angelina Jolie” racism. She claims not to be a racist. She cares about black people. How could she be a racist? Why, she even went to Africa and adopted a couple of black children.
This is the same debate that was going around in the mid 1800’s when the rich Southern Plantation owners would proclaim, “ I care about black people. I own several and take very good care of them.”
They would also argue “ If we got rid of slavery, you won't be able to afford fruits, vegetables, cotton or tobacco.”
“ These people do jobs Americans won't do.”
This thinking was wrong then, and it is wrong now. One People, One Law, Equal Justice