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Liberalism versus Conservatism

Liberalism versus Conservatism

Many of us have political opinions, some not. Most of our opinions come from our core beliefs that we were raised with or that we developed as young adults on our own. Some lean to the left, some to the right. Socio-Economics plays a role in some, but not others.
Usually an upbringing in the inner-city will make you a liberal, while kids born and raised on the farm tend to be more conservative. I have always been intrigued by the exceptions to this rule and have tried to find out why.
There is the obvious gender difference. Men were biologically assigned the provider/defender role and therefore were always more conservative. Women give birth and nurture their young, so they tend to be more liberal.
It is a mystery to me why there are so many exceptions. I have seen less of a difference in wealth status in determining conservative values versus liberal ideology. I am a truck driver and also very conservative. I know many truck drivers who are very liberal. It seems to follow no pattern. Certain jobs seem to be occupied by one group or the other.
Public School Teachers, for example are almost always very liberal.
  Is it because the teaching industry enlightens them to some special knowledge the rest of us don't have?........ .....NOT , I think liberal leftist pinko commies are attracted to the teaching profession like moths to a porchlight (literally and figuratively).
I feel qualified to opine on this subject. I spent 12 years as an classified administrator for a school district. I barely made it out with my sanity!