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I know others will have opinions on a variety of local issues, such as schools, water bills, sewer bills, corruption...and we will post these as this site gets popular.
I would like to start things here with my thoughts about the English Village.
I believe it is an issue of private property rights. Of course I would like to see it stay with the English Village theme. I have been coming to Lake Havasu for about 30 years, and brought my kids here when they were babies. It only makes sense to have an English Village surrounding the London Bridge. That's what McCulloch invisioned when he built all this.
But today,if investors arent willing to sacrifice their money staying with that theme, we cannot force them. It will just sit deserted like it is now.

It reminds me of a similar story of about 15 years ago in Apple Valley, CA.
A friend of mine was upset that a famous landmark was sold to Wal-Mart so they could build a Super Center. It was a very picturesque 20 acres that was nestled up against a hillside and had a wonderful view to the east. My friend said that for years his church and several others used to go there for Easter Sunrise Service and for that reason, the Town of Apple Valley should not let Wal-Mart build there.

I told him, "why don't you buy it ?" He thought I was nuts! I said, "Get all these churches together, raise the funds, and buy it from the legal owner." He said, it would be easier just to pass a law forbidding the sale. I convinced him that was unethical because the legal owner had a right to sell his property for a profit and since it was zoned commercial, Wal-Mart had a right to build a Super Center.

Well, that's the way I feel about the Old English Village in the channel at Lake Havasu. We either need to let the property owners develope their land as they see fit (within the scope of basic building codes and zoning), or the City of Lake Havasu needs to purchase the land and maintain an English Village. This might even be profitable to the City if it is managed properly and is successful.
So, the citizens of Lake Havasu City need to put their money where their mouth is, or shut up and get out of the way!