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Any debate of these topics must start with one premise...America is the greatest nation on earth.

We are not the cause of the world’s problems...we are the solution.

Sure, you will hear things like, "America is only 5% of the worlds population, yet we consume 24% of the worlds resources". They forget to say that we produce 30% of the world's goods and services. How? Because we do it more efficiently than anyone else. Look it up. Go to america.gov and check the facts. America is doing nothing wrong, we are the most generous, compassionate, hardest working and productive people ever to inhabit the planet. I am fed up with bad Americans apologizing for all the good things we do. We have created the richest, most prosperous, civilization ever to walk the planet.

Like a rising tide that lifts all boats, we have brought the rest of the world up with us. Instead of criticizing America, the rest of the world should emulate our actions. Instead, their leaders maintain control of their minions by convincing their ignorant populations that they lag behind because America is greedy.

In the news recently I watched anti government rioting in Argentina at a college campus. A young student just finished burning the American flag and the reporter asked him,

“Why do you hate America so much?” His answer...“Because America gets all the jobs and we get nothing.”
Who do you suppose told him that America was responsible for jobs in Argentina?


Did you notice the new Accu-weather banner at the top? It used to be the Weather Channel, but it was consistently innaccurate. I complained to Weather Channel that their reported temperatures were 5'F high for Lake Havasu. They refused to respond, so I replaced it for the more reliable Accu-weather.
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