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Liberal or Conservative?
Liberal Thought.
Recently I have been analyzing my core beliefs and wondering why I am apparently in the minority with my opinion.
I have always been a conservative and have voted in every Presidential Election since 1972, when they lowered the voting age to 18.
That year I voted for Richard Nixon and believe he did a good job under the circumstances. He led us out of a recession and ended the Vietnam War after majority opinion was against it.
There were a lot of similarities of the Vietnam War and the War with Iraq. Not in the war itself, but similarities in the American People. I’ll bet bad guys around the world are writing essays about this phenomenon as you read this.
I voted for every Republican Candidate since. Like I said, I always voted in the best interest of my country and believe the results show conservativism was correct.
Recently, however, I have been listening to a lot of left wing liberals on the radio, primarily Air America. I have always been intrigued by Liberal thought (or the lack thereof), and one particular radio talk show host has made an impression on me.
Her name is Randi Rhodes. One thing she always says has really got me thinking. She wonders why a middle class working man would vote republican.
She says, “ Why would a person vote against his own best self interest?”
And I started thinking. She’s right. I have never voted in my own best self-interest. I have always voted for what I thought was in the best interest of my country.
When our kids were younger, and I had my own business, I was having a difficult time keeping up with taxes, insurance, and managing customer accounts, so I took a job with the school district and shut down by business.
Although there was a huge cut in pay, not to mention the independence of being self employed, the District offered good benefits, including a good medical plan for the entire family. It never even occurred to me that the government should supply these things.
Well now that I’m older and getting closer to retirement, I'm changing my point of view. I will vote for the candidate that lets me retire soonest and with the most benefits.
I hope it doesn’t cost my children too much or put a financial burden on the country, but I don’t care about that anymore.

Thank You Randi.