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A Cause to Impeach

A Cause to Impeach


Reasons for Impeachment Proceedings.

During the course of my adult life, the subject of Impeaching the president has come up twice. Here are some of the things I have learned.
Ask most ignorant liberals which recent president was impeached and they will probably say “Richard Nixon” as he was truly demonized by the media and historians.
The truth is the only recent president to be impeached was Bill Clinton.
Following are the facts: Richard Nixon was not impeached. He resigned immediately after the House of Representatives started impeachment proceedings. His reasoning was he did not want the spectacle of an impeachment trial to tarnish the image of the Office of the Presidency.
He was charged with lying to the American Public and of Obstruction of Justice.
During the 1976 Presidential Elections, some junior Republican operatives got caught breaking in to the offices of the Democratic campaign at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.
The next day the President called his staff in and asked if there was any link between these thugs and his staff. When told that they worked for his re-election campaign, he instructed them to make sure no connection could ever be made between this criminal activity and his office.
A few days later when the whole story hit the front pages, he went on TV and disavowed any knowledge of the fiasco up till that day.
Of course that was not true. He lied to the American people on TV about a very important issue and it ruined his credibility.
However, he was not under oath.
We will never know the whole truth about whether he had knowledge of the break in before, during, or immediately after it’s occurrence, but its wrongdoing pales in comparison to what Bill Clinton was convicted of doing 20 years later.
Both houses of Congress impeached Bill Clinton in 1997 for committing high crimes and misdemeanors against the people of the United States of America.
Paula Jones brought a civil trial against him for Federal Sexual Harassment. She accused him of exposing himself to her and asking for a sexual favor while he was Governor of Arkansas and she was a subordinate clerical worker of the State. A Federal Grand Jury was convened and Bill Clinton denied under oath that he did this to Paula Jones or any other subordinate worker while he held any executive government position.
Testimony and DNA evidence submitted by 20-year-old Monica Lewinski, a Whitehouse Intern, proved he was lying under oath.
Although Paula Jones’ sexual harassment case was settled out of court for $75000, the federal court convicted Bill Clinton for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice.
He was fined $250000 and disbarred from practicing before the federal and Supreme Courts. He was later disbarred from the Arkansas bench for unethical behavior where he held his law license.
Bill Clinton is the only President ever to be convicted of a felony while serving in the White House.
He cannot vote or be in possession or within 150’ of a firearm. Yet he has Secret Service Protection and very well may be back in the Whitehouse.
He is the only American ever to be convicted of felonious perjury and obstruction of justice and not serve any jail time.
After impeachment, instead of forcing him to leave office in disgrace, the congress sentenced him to “censure” where he served his remaining two years as president scoffing at the Republican Congress.
Once again, ask most ignorant liberals and they will sum it up as: Nixon was caught burglarizing, wiretapping, and lying about it all under oath while he was president.
Clinton simply lied about an affair among consenting adults and was trying to spare his family the pain that the truth would bring.

Is any of the preceding untrue or misleading?