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What is Capitalism?

Most liberal thinking comes from a supernatural, illogical inborn hatred of corporations and capitalism.
Hillary Clinton “I will take those profits from the oil companies”.
Dennis Kucinich..the problem with our medical system is it is “for profit”

Yet these capitalistic leanings are exactly what made this country the best in the history of the world. The most prosperous, the most powerful, the most generous.
Imagine 2-3 thousand years ago, 2 men went out on a hot summer day into the fields to gather wild wheat. The first man toiled and sweated but continued working hard all day and finished in the evening with 10 bushels. The second man didn’t work nearly as hard and could only produce 5 bushels. As they started to pack up for the day they noticed a crippled man crawling at the edge of the field with barely the bottom of his basket with wheat. Now both the first and second man felt generous so they discussed what to do.
Now the conservative thinker comes up with a flat percentage…10%. The first man with 10 bushels gives 1 bushel, the second with 5 gives ½ bushel. Now the crippled man who will get 1-1/2 bushels will also have to contribute by weaving baskets the next day or making sandals for the two hard workers.
To the liberal mind, the answer is easy. The man with 10 bushels simply gives the cripple man 5 bushels and everyone is equal.
Now to the second man and the cripple man this sounds like the best way to re-distribute the wheat, and if it came to a vote, that is the way it would be.
But this illustrates exactly why socialism fails every time it is tried. The next day you could bet all your wheat the first man would produce no more than 5 bushels of wheat. Why should he? It's just going to be taxed away.
A person must be rewarded for their diligent hard work or it will soon cease to exist. Like wise, there must be a reward for risking capital or no one in a free society would continue to do it.
Look what happened in Communist China or the former Soviet Union.
And when we use words like socialism and communism to describe liberal social programs like Hillary’s Universal Healthcare you can believe they are the same thing. They produce exactly the same results. Productivity plummets and everyone is the same….poor.