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Why I am a republican

If you believe that government should be accountable to the people, not the people to the government, then you are a Republican.

If you believe that a person should be treated as an individual, not as a member of an interest group, then you are a Republican.

If you believe that your family knows how to spend your money better than the government does, then you are a Republican.

If you believe that our educational system should be held accountable for the progress of our children, then you are a Republican.

If you believe that this country, not the United Nations, is best hope for democracy, then you are a Republican.

If you believe that we must be fierce and relentless and terminate terrorism, then you are a Republican!

If you have faith in free enterprise, faith in the resourcefulness of the American people, and faith in the U.S. economy, then you are a Republican.

The U.S. -- The U.S. economy remains the envy of the world. We have the highest economic growth of any of the world's major industrialized nations. Don't you remember the pessimism of 20 years ago when the critics said that Japan and Germany are overtaking the U.S.? Ridiculous!

Now they say that India and China are overtaking us. Now don't you believe it. We may hit a few bumps -- but America always moves ahead. That's what Americans do.

We move prosperity ahead -- We move prosperity ahead. We move freedom ahead. And we move people ahead. And under President Bush and Vice President Cheney, America's economy is moving ahead in spite of the recession they inherited and in spite of the attack on our homeland.

Now -- Now the other Party says that we are two Americas. Don't you believe that either. I have visited our troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Germany and all over the world. I've visited our troops in California, where they train before they go overseas. I have visited our military hospitals. And I tell you this: that our men and women in uniform do not believe there are two Americas. They believe there's one America and they are fighting for it!

We are one America -- We are one America and President Bush is defending it with all his heart and soul.

That's what I admire most about the President: He is a man of perseverance. He's a man of inner strength. He's a leader who doesn't flinch, who doesn't waiver, and does not back down.

My fellow Americans -- My fellow Americans, make no mistake about it: Terrorism is more insidious than communism, because it yearns to destroy not just the individual, but the entire international order. The President did not go into Iraq because the polls told him it was popular. As a matter of fact, the polls said just the opposite. But leadership isn't about polls. It's about ma -- It's about making decisions you think are right and then standing behind those decisions. That's why America is safer with George W. Bush as President.

He knows -- He knows you don't reason with terrorists. You defeat them. He knows you can't reason with people blinded by hate. You see, they hate the power of the individual. They hate the progress of women. They hate the religious freedom of others. And they hate the liberating breeze of democracy. But ladies and gentlemen, their hate is no match for America's decency.

We are -- We are the America that sends out the Peace Corps volunteers to teach our village children. We are the America that sends out the missionaries and doctors to raise up the poor and the sick. We are the America that gives more than any other country to fight AIDS in Africa and the developing world. And we are -- And we are the America that fights not for imperialism but for human rights and democracy.

You know, when the Germans brought down the Berlin Wall, America's determination helped wield the sledgehammers. And when the lone, young Chinese man stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square, America stood with him. And when Nelson Mandela smiled in election victory after all those years in prison, America celebrated, too.

We are still the lamp lighting the world, especially [for] those who struggle. No matter in what labor camp they slave, no matter in what injustice they're trapped, they hear our call; they see our light; and they feel the pull of our freedom.

They come here as I did because they believe. They believe in us. They come because their hearts say to them, as mine did, "If only I can get to America." You know, someone once wrote: "There are those who say that freedom is nothing but a dream." They are right. It's the American dream.

No matter the nationality, no matter the religion, no matter the ethnic background, America brings out the best in people. And as Governor -- as Governor of the great state of California, I see the best in Americans every day -- I see the best in Americans everyday -- our police, our firefighters, our nurses, doctors, and teachers, our parents.

And what about the extraordinary men and women who have volunteered to fight for the United States of America. I have such great respect for them and their heroic families.

Let me tell you about a sacrifice and the commitment that I have seen firsthand. In one of the military hospitals I visited, I met a young guy who was in bad shape. He'd lost a leg; he had a hole through his stomach, and his shoulder had been shot through, and the list goes on and on and on.

I could tell that there was no way he could ever return to combat. But when I asked him, "When do you think you'll get out of the hospital?" He said to me, "Sir, in three weeks." And you know what he said to me then? He said he was going to get a new leg, and then he was going to get some therapy, and then he was going to go back to Iraq and fight alongside his buddies. And you know what he said to me then? You know what he said to me then? He said, "Arnold, I'll be back!"

Well, ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, America is back. Back from the attack on our homeland, back from the attack on our economy, and back from the attack on our way of life. We are back because of the perseverance, character, and leadership of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush!

My fellow Americans, I want you to know that I believe with all my heart that America remains "the great idea" that inspires the world. It is a privilege to be born here. It is an honor to become a citizen here. It is a gift to raise your family here, to vote here and to live here.