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Path to Socialism
At the time this site was being built, the spring of 2008, it was apparent that America was embarking down a long and dangerous path toward socialism.
We had already replaced the Republican Congress with the very Liberal, Nancy Pelosi Congress in the fall of 2006.
Propaganda was being poured out by the bucket loads from the left wing media with little or no response from conservatives.
A new generation of Americans were being told that conditions were terrible in our country. They were also being told that we were responsible for appalling conditions around the world. It was like a teenager coming home from junior high school with this new idea about a Pyramid Scheme and how every one would make big money, and how could I possibly know anything about it.
I know my children don’t believe me when I tell them these things so I feel it necessary to document it here so that I can say “I told you so” a decade from now. But here is the truth the way I see it and the way I believe things are.
Mine is the “Baby Boom” generation, those born within the decade immediately following World War II. We were a very hard working, industrious group who witnessed technological and social change at a faster rate than any generation before in history.
Our generation left America with the highest standard of living and best living conditions of any people at any time in the history of the world. We have the best health care. We have the best economy We have the best jobs with the highest pay and best working conditions.
We have the best housing.
We have the best automobiles and transportation system.
We have the best social/welfare system.
We have the best retirement system.
We have the best Military/ Defense system.

 I know many of you will laugh at these claims.
Comedy Central or MTV would call me a liar.

But I challenge any of you to do the research.

Google it.
Look at any unemployed single mother of two or an elderly couple in any other country.
Even the big social utopias like Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, etc.
If you observe closely, there is no place those people would rather be than right here in the USA.
And it is especially true when you factor in the last condition, our military, which without, all the rest would not exist.
Our generation accomplished all this by using a strong Capitalistic Market Economy.

The best system in the history of the World.

Your generation is going to try a new approach. (new to you).
So my challenge to my kids is simple: Don’t screw it up. We left you with this big responsibility to improve things and to support your preceding generation as we have done and to leave my grandchildren with a better world than we left you.
We tried to point out a huge flaw in the Social Security System in 2006, but you laughed at fixing it.
So now it is your turn, I want my Social Security; It will be difficult and may take half your paycheck but I’m confident you will persevere.